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Developing Secure Mobile App
Growth in smartphones and tablets has led to dramatic shift in the way general public and corporate users interact with business.
Preventing Data Theft
At any time of day or night, a huge amount of data is being stored, retrieved and transferred in the average company or organisation. As a responsible user, you must know how to protect your data and prevent data theft from mobile devices.
Wireless Network Security
Low deployment costs make wireless networks attractive to both organisations and end users. However, the easy availability of inexpensive equipment also gives attackers the tools to launch attacks on the network. New security risks come with the benefits of adopting wireless networks.
Playing Online Games Safely
Many computer and console video games can be played online against other players over the Internet. Players are allowed to communicate sometimes using text messages typed into the computer and sometimes using a microphone.
Avoiding Phone Fraud
Criminals also use the phone, and especially Internet phone systems, to trick people.
Using QR Code Carefully
QR code is a machine-readable two-dimensional barcode which contains information. Scanning a QR code will redirect you to a website or an application. Due to the prevalence of mobile devices, QR codes have become popular and widely used in advertising, promotion events and even mobile payment. Using QR codes wisely can bring us convenience, but you may easily fall into traps if you underestimate the risks.
Protecting Your Notebook
You have to protect your notebook computer from stealing.
Security Tips for Using Mobile Applications
Mobile devices (such as smartphones and tablet) have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. Mobile applications would process massive information, including personal and sensitive information. Users should exercise care when using mobile applications and take precautions to protect themselves from the potential security threats such as information leakage.
Securing Your Wireless Network
Before you make connection to the wireless Network, it is important to make sure that your device is being logically protected. A mobile device can connect to your wireless network wherever it is within range of the signal strength from your wireless router.
Tips on Using Public Wi-Fi
Free Wi-Fi facilities are available at various local and overseas public areas such as shopping malls, coffee shops, hotels, airports or government premises. Users should pay attention to the security risks when using Wi-Fi services.
Protecting Mobile Devices
Examples of mobile devices include smartphones, tablets, and notebook computers.