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About Us

What InfoSec website does

The tremendous growth in the use of information technology and Internet has brought us great convenience. However, it also creates a great potential for abuse by criminals. With the cross-border, open-platform, highly-interconnected nature of this virtual dimension, the impacts of cyber crimes are far-reaching, and would require integral effort from all parties involved in order to effectively combat cyber crimes.

The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China (the Government) is well aware of the importance of public education on information security. This Information Security (InfoSec) website is established to serve as a one-stop portal for the general public to effectively access information and resources on information security as well as measures and best practices for prevention of cyber crimes.

Getting around InfoSec website

In InfoSec website, you will find useful information and resources on information security, such as the latest security news and events, information security technical papers and reports, recent phishing attacks, the latest malware alerts and other related information.

You will also find an interactive guide for easy access to the relevant articles which describe some common situations on information security from the perspective of general users, youngsters and students, parents and teachers, IT professionals and SME. Besides, effective search engine is available to look for specific information and resources in this website.