Using QR Code Carefully
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Using QR Code Carefully
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Using QR Code Carefully

QR code is a machine-readable two-dimensional barcode which contains information. Scanning a QR code will redirect you to a website or an application. Due to the prevalence of mobile devices, QR codes have become popular and widely used in advertising, promotion events and even mobile payment. Using QR codes wisely can bring us convenience, but you may easily fall into traps if you underestimate the risks.

Risks and Impacts

Users may be redirected to malicious websites while scanning QR codes since they are not able to directly read the information contained in QR codes. This may lead to download of malware on mobile devices.
Personal data, transaction contents or payment details may be stolen if QR codes are used inappropriately for mobile payment.
Users may be manipulated by criminals to make unauthorised transactions and suffer monetary loss.

Security Tips on Using QR Code

Stay vigilant and make sure the QR code is from a trusted source before scanning.
Disable the "open website automatically" or equivalent setting in your QR code scanner app. If this setting is disabled, every time you scan a QR code, the scanner should prompt you the URL and wait for your confirmation before visiting the website.
Check whether the processed QR code information is correct. If it is a website URL, check carefully if the website domain name is trustworthy.
Never disclose the QR code generated by mobile payment services to others casually.
If you use the QR code for mobile payment, check carefully the transaction details provided by the application and check the transaction record issued by the bank or mobile payment service provider immediately after completion of mobile payment transaction.