Protecting Your Notebook
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Protecting Your Notebook
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Protecting Your Notebook

Notebook Protection

You have to protect your notebook computer from stealing. If your notebook is lost, you will lose those data that has not been backed up. Your personal data or information such as your name, bank account, photos for family or friends and your own email address lists will also be disclosed to unauthorised persons or even be uploaded to the Internet.

You shall therefore:

Always keep your notebook in a safe place e.g. lock it in a cabinet when not in use.
Use a computer locking cable to lock your notebook.
Never leave your notebook unattended.
If possible, install some motion sensors products into your notebook. When the sensor is triggered, it will emit a loud alarm.
Regularly backup your data and keep the backup copies disconnected from the notebook.
Set a boot password to your notebook. Most notebooks have the ability to set a password so that an unauthorised person cannot start the computer.
Do not store personal and sensitive information in the notebook and in case you have to store sensitive and personal information in the notebook, consider using data encryption.