Preventing Data Theft
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Preventing Data Theft
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Preventing Data Theft

At any time of day or night, a huge amount of data is being stored, retrieved and transferred in the average company or organisation. As a responsible user, you must know how to protect your data and prevent data theft from mobile devices. The following are targets for thieves and intruders:

USB thumb drive
3G mobile phone network
Wireless LAN
Removable hard disk
Notebook computer
Portable personal digital device like MP3, PDA, Phones
Printer output etc.
Personal information such as bank account or details
Customer database
Confidential/sensitive business information e.g. tender information and quoted prices.

The following are some useful security tips for preventing data theft:

Conducting self-assessment on the sufficiency of its data security measures and communications technology systems by using Data Security Scanner (provided by Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, Hong Kong).