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Handling Emails
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Handling Emails

Today, email is a common way of communicating with other people. It is very convenient, but it also poses threats to your computer system..

Do scan all email attachments for malwares before opening them, especially those files with extensions .exe, .com, .doc, etc.
Do disable automatic processing of email attachments in your Internet email software.
Do consider controlling spam by using email filtering software that allow users to block or screen out spam using simple filtering rules.
Do use separate email addresses for different purposes whenever feasible.
Don't open or forward emails and email attachments from unknown sources.
Don't mail-bomb, forward or reply to junk email or hoax messages. This may result in more incoming junk email than before.
Don't respond to emails from unknown senders.
Don't expose your email address on public websites such as search engines, contact directories, membership directories, newsgroup postings or chat rooms.
Don't use an email address that contains any potential dictionary entries or common names.
Don't forward chain email messages.