Providing Guidance to Your Students
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Providing Guidance to Your Students
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Providing Guidance to Your Students

When Information Technology has become a school subject even in primary level in Hong Kong, teachers have to keep up with the latest knowledge so that you can provide guidance to students in the related area. Listed below are some tips on providing guidance to your students on proper use of computers / Internet.

You should teach your students on the proper ways of using computers and Internet and warn them of the things they should not do.
Get an understanding as much as you can of all aspects related to the Internet, e.g. news groups, chat rooms, ICQ, Emails, downloading software and other files, web surfing, etc.
In this way, you can have better communications with your students and provide proper guidance to them.
Get to know about the existing laws that govern offences of the computer related crimes.
Educate your students about these legislations and warn them about such offences that might bring them huge penalty.
Consult expert advice on various areas when necessary.
Consult expert advice from IT professional, education psychologists, legal experts etc., on areas you do not have much experience. For instance, you may contact the Crime Prevention Unit of Hong Kong Police to arrange teaching presentations on topics related to information security and computer crimes.
Find out security related news and events.
You may find useful security related events to arrange for your students to attend.