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Internet Content Filtering
Some websites contain indecent or obscene content and are clearly not suitable for children and young persons. There are software tools available that can help filter out websites that are not suitable for children, monitor your children's online activities, and limit the amount of time your child spends online.
Security Tips for Parents
As parents, your children's rights and safety are your prime concern. Children should also be aware of the governing laws. Here are some dos and don'ts for you to take precautions and to guide your children who have access to computer connected to the Internet.
FAQ for Parents
Some common problems that children may encounter when surfing the Internet.
Providing Guidance to Your Students
When Information Technology has become a school subject even in primary level in Hong Kong, teachers have to keep up with the latest knowledge so that you can provide guidance to students in the related area.
Setting Ground Rules for Children
Good parenting can reduce the risks for children going online.
FAQ for Youngsters & Students
Youngster Students FAQ
Advice and Support for SME
It may not be possible to understand every piece of security knowledge and skills by yourself. Learn how to make use of other sources of assistance. For example, discuss with your friends, consult your business partners, or search the Internet.
FAQ for Teachers
How do I know if my students are using their computers / Internet properly?
Training and Education
Security training is crucial to ensuring that all related parties understand the security risks, and accept and adopt good security practices. No protection procedure is effective without proper execution by well-trained staff. You must ensure that your staff possess the necessary skill sets.
Securing Company Data
The popular tools and technologies of modern daily life, like mobile phones, webmail, instant messaging services, removable storage media, and wireless access to the Internet, have given everyone the ability to easily carry and handle large amounts of data.
Keeping Self Awareness for Information Security
It is the responsibility of all of us to take charge of protecting our own information and data from attacks and computer related crimes. The following tips can help you stay aware of information security threats.
Tips on Using Public Computer
A public computer is any of the various types of computers available in public areas. In Hong Kong, places where public computers are available include libraries, cafes, restaurants or facilities run by the government. Many different people throughout the day use public computers, so using them poses certain security risks.
What is Information Security
The CIA triad of confidentiality, integrity, and availability is at the heart of information security.
Why Information Security Concern Me
Information security concerns everybody, because each one of us is exposed to information security risks every time we go online.
Why Information Security Concern My Company
Evaluate the following statements for your own situation to determine if your company information is safe.
Core Security Principles
Core Security Principles are some generally accepted principles that address information security from a very high-level viewpoint. These principles are fundamental in nature, and rarely change.