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Making Regular Backups
When you modify or remove important data on your computer, make sure that the data is backup.
Backup and Recovery
A backup is a representative copy of data at a specific time. The phrase 'backup and recovery' usually refers to the transfer of copied files from one location to another, along with the various operations performed on those files.
Protecting Your Computer Assets
Your computer facilities are an important asset of your company; they also contain valuable information for you. Take the step to protect these assets.
Securing Company Data
The popular tools and technologies of modern daily life, like mobile phones, webmail, instant messaging services, removable storage media, and wireless access to the Internet, have given everyone the ability to easily carry and handle large amounts of data.
Security Incident Handling for Companies
An Information Security Incident is an adverse event in an information system and/or a network that poses a threat to computer or network security in respect of availability, integrity and confidentiality.
Handling Malware Outbreak
Given that attackers are now moving away from attacks that are merely a nuisance or destructive towards activity that is motivated by financial gain, malicious code attacks have become more sophisticated and a significant concern to organisations.