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Sharing a Home Computer
It is common to have a home computer shared by everyone in the family or by a number of students. Here are some tips that can help to protect a shared computer.
Protecting Your Computer Assets
Your computer facilities are an important asset of your company; they also contain valuable information for you. Take the step to protect these assets.
Securing Company Data
The popular tools and technologies of modern daily life, like mobile phones, webmail, instant messaging services, removable storage media, and wireless access to the Internet, have given everyone the ability to easily carry and handle large amounts of data.
Strengthening Physical Security
Physical protection of your computer equipment is also important. Like any other valuable asset you possess, consider using the following tools or methods to protect your computer physically
Protecting Your Notebook
You have to protect your notebook computer from stealing.
Disposal of Computing Devices
This section provides information on data deletion, and the proper way of disposing computers or storage media in order to prevent unwanted disclosure of information.