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Protecting against Phishing Attacks
Do not follow URL links from un-trusted sources or emails such as spam emails to avoid being re-directed to malicious websites by malicious links looking seemingly legitimate.
Avoiding Phone Fraud
Criminals also use the phone, and especially Internet phone systems, to trick people.
Safe Online Social Networking
Online social networking is the interaction with external websites or service based on participant contributions to the content. It has gained enormous popularity, especially among young people.
Using Blog Safely
A blog is a convenient place to write and publish an online dairy, and share views with cyber friends. However, be aware that the information you post on blogs will be read by anybody, including criminals who might make use of that personal information, if any for malicious purpose.
Handling Cyber-bullying
Cyber-Bullying generally refers to those acts of bullying that occur in the communication platforms implemented with information technology.
Using Instant Messaging Safely
The following tips are designed for end-users using Instant Messaging as regular communication tool.