Handling Personal Information
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Handling Personal Information
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Handling Personal Information

Do's and Don'ts for handling personal information

Encrypt sensitive data when transmitting personal information over public networks such as the Internet.
Educate your children friends and relatives to never give out personal or family particulars of individual or family member when surfing the Internet.
Always be wary when giving out sensitive personal or account information over the Internet. Banks and financial institutions seldom ask for your any personal or account information via email or over the web.
Verify the legitimacy of the website of the organisation before giving information, e.g. verify the website certificate before conducting transactions or purchases online.
Don't forget to check the privacy policies of websites, ensuring that the personal data you provide will be properly used and protected.
Don't reply or click any links embedded in unexpected emails e.g. those mails requesting you to log into your account in order to confirm the use of the account. Do check with the company/bank if you are uncertain about emails of this nature.
Don't store any personal or sensitive information on a computer, especially if you share that computer with others.
Don't disclose personal information, such as your name, email address and password, in a careless manner.
Don't submit personal data online that may be irrelevant to the purposes of collection, such as credit card numbers.
Don't post personal data to forums or chat areas that may be viewed by many people.