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One Minute Test

    Yes No

Any anti-virus software installed on your PC?

Anti-virus software

Q2 Have you updated virus signature in the past 7 days?
Q3 Do you always scan email attachments and downloaded files before opening?

Do you enable the automatic processing of email attachments function?

Email attachment

Q5 Do you always turn off your modem /disconnect broadband connection when not in use?
Q6 Have you ever written down your password and left it near your PC?

Are you using any of the followings as your passwords?

Your logon name   the word "password"
  your date of birth   dictionary words like "apple"
Q8 Have you ever shared / disclosed your Internet account and password to anyone?

Any personal firewall installed on your PC?

Personal firewall

Q10 Are you using the latest version of OS, browser and email application?
Q11 Do you know the security settings of your browser?

Have you ever forwarded hoax to your friends?


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