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Download List

Category Origin Name
Booklets and Guidelines "Be NetWise" Website

Be NetWise - Education Kit for Parents (in Chinese) (in PDF format)

Education Bureau
Home Affairs Bureau

Code of Practice for Internet Computer Services Centres Operators

Hong Kong Consumer Council
Hong Kong Internet Service Providers Association

Anti-SPAM - Implementation Guideline

Hong Kong Monetary Authority

Internet Banking - Convenient & Safe (in PDF format)

Hong Kong Police Crime Prevention Unit (CPU) of the Technology Crime Division

Beware of Technology Crimes - Ready for Cyber Advance

Intellectual Property Department

Booklet on "An Introduction to the Copyright (Amendment) Bill 2006" (in PDF format)

(ISC)2 (ISC)2 Cyber Exchange
Asia Pacific Economic-Cooperation Telecommunications and Information Working Group (APEC TEL)

Security and Safety Tips for Mobile Devices (in PDF format)

Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, Hong Kong
Professional Information Security Association
The Office of the Communications Authority
Leaflets and Posters Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited

"Hold On & Rethink! Protect Yourself Against Phishing & Spamvertising!" (in PDF format)

Intellectual Property Department

"Young People, Music & The Internet" - A Guide for Parents about P2P, File-sharing and Downloading (in Chinese) (in PDF format)

Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, Hong Kong

Information Leaflets

The Hong Kong Association of Banks
The Office of the Communications Authority

How to unsubscribe from Commercial Electronic Messages? (in PDF format)

Presentation / Training Materials Hong Kong Productivity Council & HKCERT
Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) Hong Kong Chapter

Slides from Seminars

Office of the Government Chief Information Officer

A series of seminars on information security was held at the Mini-Stage in the Government Pavilion in the International ICT Expo 2007. List of presentation materials are shown below:

  1. PISA and Information Security (in PDF Format)

  2. Digital Forensics on Future HK Infrastructure (in PDF Format)

  3. New Trends of Mobile Data Protection (in PDF Format)

  4. IT Security and Governance (in PDF Format)

  5. The Value of Information Security Certification (in PDF Format)

Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, Hong Kong

Online seminar: "Introduction to the Personal Data (Privacy Ordinance)"

Quiz and Games Hong Kong Monetary Authority
The Hong Kong Associations of Banks

Internet Banking - Two-factor authentication interactive computer programme

Surveys and Papers Hong Kong Productivity Council & HKCERT
Security Bureau

Inter-departmental Working Group on Computer Related Crime Report (Sep 2000) (in PDF format)

Symantec Corporation

Survey on how Hong Kong people know about security threats and risks on Internet (in Chinese) (in PDF format)

Department of Computer Science, The University of Hong Kong Publications from the Center for Information Security and Crytography (CISC)
Census and Statistics Department Annual Survey on Information Technology Usage and Penetration in the Business Sector
TV Announcements Information Services Department
TV Programme TVB Jade

Equip Yourself in Information Security

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