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Strengthen Physical Security

Physical protection of your computer equipment is also important. Like any other valuable asset you possess, consider using the following tools or methods to protect your computer physically:

  • Lock your computers with security chains.
  • Self-closing doors.
  • Window locks.
  • Lockable internal doors between rooms.
  • Security curtains or window shutters.
  • Alarms (ensure that each employee has their own unique alarm code).

Server Protection

  • Keep your servers and network devices in a locked room or cabinet.
  • Disconnect any unused network connections.
  • Implement fire and flooding alarming systems.
  • Make sure there is enough ventilation and air conditioning for your servers.

Other tips:

  • Escort visitors and don't let them go around your office on their own.
  • Restrict access to sensitive zones/areas like your server room.
  • Record the serial numbers of servers and PCs so that they can be identified if stolen and recovered.
  • Store your backup media in a secure and safe location especially for media containing sensitive or mission critical information.
  • Arrange regular maintenance and testing for all service utilities such as air conditioning equipment, fire prevention and detection systems and standby power supplies.
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