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Protect Your Computer Assets

Your computer facilities are an important asset of your company; they also contain valuable information for you. Take the following step to protect these assets:

  1. Hardware Inventory: Keep an updated inventory list of your computer hardware facilities including details of all component items. The inventory should include information like CPU, RAM, hard disk capacity, monitor size etc. It is also useful to specify related service information like warranty expiry dates, serial numbers and service contacts, etc. A policy should also be established to prevent staff from removing any computer equipment without prior approval.

  2. Software Inventory: Keep an updated software inventory list. You must ensure that you have acquired enough licences for your software and remind staff not to install their own software. Shareware should be removed before the evaluation period expires. You should pay attention to the fact that some licences appear in the form of a licence number on a small label. In any case, you must store them in a safe location. In accordance with the Copyright Ordinance, it is your responsibility to make sure no illegal unlicenced software is used for business purposes.

  3. Data Backup: You are also reminded to protect your data by making backups regularly. Learn more about backup and recovery.

  4. Disposal of computer equipment: learn about the most secure was of disposing computers or storage media in order to prevent unwanted disclosure of information. Uninstall all programs and erase all data, if applicable, before disposing of any piece of hardware.

  5. Strengthen physical security

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