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School Visits and InfoSec Tours  


School Visits

Since 2008, the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) has teamed up with the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, Inc. (ISC)2 and the Professional Information Security Association (PISA) to visit schools across the territory, and deliver free information security talks for teachers and students. During the visits, we discussed the hot topics about the Internet, as well as the security concerns when using various services with different computing devices. Security tips were provided for students to protect themselves from potential cyber threats while enjoying the contemporary Internet services, includes using instant messaging, networking in social networks, conducting on-line transactions and enjoying the on-line games.

InfoSec Tours

We have also partnered with the Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) to conduct InfoSec Tours. The InfoSec Tours visit schools or organisations and conduct a variety of activities. It aims to deliver information security message in a more relaxing way, and to equip the participants to be a smart Internet user.

Highlights of the InfoSec Tours can be found at the RTHK website.

Application & Enquiry

For interested schools which would like to have further information and arrange the school visits, please feel free to contact us (email: We will call back as soon as possible.

Presentation materials

Following are some topics we have shared with teachers and students in the past:


Over the past several years, we have visited a number of schools, with over 62 110 teachers, parents and students participated in the related activities.

School Year No. of Visits No. of Participants
2017 - 2018
(Until 31 September 2017)
6 Over 3 080
2016 - 2017 31 Over 10 540
2015 - 2016 40 Over 13 730
2014 - 2015 13 Over 3 320
2013 - 2014 18 Over 4 610
2012 - 2013
15 Over 4 910
2011 - 2012 10 Over 3 620
2010 - 2011 17 Over 5 070
2009 - 2010 16 Over 3 850
2008 - 2009 10 Over 3 260
2007 - 2008 26 Over 6 120
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