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Multimedia Centre

Cloud Security

Cloud Services

Duration: 3:42

Cloud Services and Information Security

Duration: 2:01

Security Consideration on Selecting Cloud Service Provider - SMEs

Duration: 3:43

Security Considerations on Using Cloud Services - SMEs

Duration: 3:04

Data Protection in the Cloud Platform – Individual Users

Duration: 4:31

Cloud Service Case Study

Duration: 13:42

Electronic Authentication

Common Frauds

Duration: 4:10

Verify Identity

Duration: 6:30

Common Threats (Identity Theft)

Duration: 3:59

Good Online Practices

Duration: 3:00

Good Offline Practices

Duration: 2:46

Choose Your Password

Duration: 2:58

Implement e-Authentication System (1)

Duration: 3:37

Implement e-Authentication System (2)

Duration: 3:22

Determine Assurance Level

Duration: 3:45

Two-factor Authentication

Duration: 2:31

Common Authentication Methods

Duration: 4:04

Other Considerations

Duration: 3:54

Security Threats and Measures

Computer Virus and Worm

Duration: 3:50

Spam Email (I)

Duration: 3:02

Spam Email (II)

Duration: 3:30

Spyware and Adware

Duration: 4:44


Duration: 3:53

Social Engineering Attack

Duration: 3:05

Man-in-the-Middle Attack

Duration: 3:49


Duration: 3:41


Duration: 4:09


Duration: 2:35

Zombies and Botnets

Duration: 3:45

Web Defacement

Duration: 3:01

Code Injection Attack

Duration: 2:55

Cross Site Scripting

Duration: 2:45

Security Domains

Access Control Security

Duration: 3:58

Physical Security

Duration: 3:31

Data Security

Duration: 2:49

Network and Communication Security (I)

Duration: 3:33

Network and Communication Security (II)

Duration: 3:36

Information Security Risk Management

Duration: 3:48

Security Incident Management

Duration: 4:49

Application Security

Duration: 3:52

Web Application Security

Duration: 4:59

Security Risk Assessment and Audit

Duration: 3:23

IT Outsourcing Security

Duration: 3:48

Security Concepts

Introduction to Information Security

Duration: 4:30

Secure Deletion

Duration: 4:07

Content Filtering

Duration: 3:38

Data Encryption

Duration: 3:45

Defense in Depth

Duration: 4:04

Endpoint Security

Duration: 3:58

Security Thematic Topics

Public Key Infrastructure

Duration: 4:21

IPv6 Security

Duration: 3:53

Instant Messaging

Duration: 3:28

Social Networking Website

Duration: 5:14

Peer-to-Peer Network

Duration: 3:58

Electronic Transactions (I)

Duration: 2:28

Electronic Transactions (II)

Duration: 3:49

Open Source Software Security

Duration: 4:02

Security on Wi-Fi Setup

Duration: 4:01

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