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Useful Links

  • Cyber Ethics for Students and Youth

    This site provides guidelines and learning activities regarding the ethical, legal, psychological and technical issues of cyber ethics, developed by the Education and Manpower Bureau. You may find useful information on educating children on proper use of computer under the Parental Guidelines section.

  • IT Security Related Information for Schools

    From this site, you may find useful IT security related information for schools, provided by the Education and Manpower Bureau, such as guidelines for developing IT security policy for schools, guidelines for using internet resources in schools etc.

  • What youngsters should remember when social networking online

    This site provides common sense and practical advice to parents on how to safeguard their children on the social networking online.

  • Let's Protect Intellectual Property - Learning Guidebook (in PDF format)

    This booklet provides teaching material on intellectual property. It helps students understand intellectual property rights through various interactive activities.

  • A parent's guide to online safety: Ages and stages

    Designed to help you guide your children's use of the Internet as they grow through different ages and stages in their lives to improve their safety online.

  • WiredSafety

    US websites on providing free of charge online training on topics such as Cyberstalking, Parental Control Software Overview, Using the Internet in Public.

  • WiredKids

    An interactive site on Internet Security for kids and teens. Under the Parents section, you may find useful information on security related issues on Internet and guidelines on educating children on proper use of the Internet.

  • Hong Kong Education City

    Hong Kong Education City has released a feature report to help parents cope with various issues related to the Internet and computer issues. (Only Chinese version is available.)

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