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Past Events (Archive)  


Past Events 2010 (Archive)

Start Date End Date Organisation Event/
FEB 2010 4 FEB 2010 4 FEB 2010 EDB NSS Enriching Knowledge for the Information and Communication Technology Curriculum Series: (9) Threats and Security on the Internet The programme aims to update teachers' knowledge of the threats on using the Internet, including the measures to avoid the threats as well as online security matters.
MAR 2010 11 MAR 2010 11 MAR 2010 HKCERT, OGCIO, Hong Kong Police Force Information Security Seminar - "Contemporary Cyber Security Attacks and Mitigation" The seminar will cover topics related to cyber security attacks and mitigation.
  24 MAR 2010 24 MAR 2010 HKPC "Internet Security" Seminar The seminar aids orangiaztion to improve internet security awareness via case study of privacy disclosure. Moreover, strengthening the training exercise leads to improve staff's security awareness for the purpose of protecting orangization IT asset.
APR 2010 13 APR 2010 14 APR 2010 Internet Society INET Asia Regional Conference The conference aims to introduces the opportunities and challenges in the next generation internet regarding IPv6, Security and Privacy, Multilingualism and SEO.
MAY 2010 4 MAY 2010 4 MAY 2010 e21 MagicMedia & Questex The 11th Info-Security Conference 2010: Preparing for a New Era of Business Insecurity (By registration, free of charge) The Info-Security Conference covers the topics of Social network threats; Security in the cloud and virtual IT; New risk frameworks; The rising "human" factor in security; Dealing with data loss – nothing is completely secure; New cybercrime threats.
  7 MAY 2010 10 JUN 2010 EDB IT in Education e-Leadership and Management Series: IT in Education Planning and Implementation in Schools with Illustrative Examples – Server Management and Internet Security The seminar aims to briefly introduce the "Resource Pack to Support School-based Development of IT in Education" as well as its associated platform and tools; and share practical experiences in server management & Internet security in school.
  28 MAY 2010 28 MAY 2010 HKCERT, OGCIO, Hong Kong Police Force Information Security Seminar 2010 - Information Security and Data Leakage Protection The seminar will be organized on cyber security attacks and mitigation. You are cordially invited to participate in the event.
JUN 2010 12 JUN 2010 18 JUN 2010 11 Local and overseas hosting orgainisations Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum (APrIGF) To complement and supplement the global IGF, a group of active participants, with the OGCIO (Office of the Government Chief Information Officer) as the advisor, have come together to organize the first Asia Pacific Regional IGF in Hong Kong. The event will consist of 3 parts: Asia Pacific Regional IGF Roundtable, Hong Kong IGF Conference and Youth IGF Camp.
  25 JUN 2010 25 JUN 2010 Hong Kong Information Technology Federation Gov 2.0 Conference-cum-Exhibition To explore the new face of e-Government, how to increase the interaction and participation of citizens, and better intra-government department communications in the era of web 2.0.
JUL 2010 7 JUL 2010 7 JUL 2010 HKGCC Minimize Your Risk, Protect Your Brand - ISO 27001 Information Security Seminar The seminar aims to introduce the ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems, the means for minimizing risk and protecting brand via ISMS, the certification process & benefits of ISMS and successful case sharing.
  14 JUL 2010 14 JUL 2010 Hong Kong Productivity Council Information Security Showcase 2010 The objective of the Showcase is to give participants practical insights into the latest development, trends and status in Information Security. Overseas experts from the industry will be invited to conduct speeches and workshops.
  20 JUL 2010 20 JUL 2010 HKCERT, OGCIO, HKPF Cyber Security Symposium 2010 The symposium aims to brief service providers with the emerging threats of Botnets and other security attacks, that are related to their operations, and to share and discuss how service providers, CERTs and law enforcement can work together to knock down the attacks, for the betterment of the economy.
AUG 2010 22 AUG 2010 22 AUG 2010 Hong Kong Public Libraries and Internet Professional Association Subject Talks on "IT and You"- Internet Safety - Experience Sharing with Parents In the talk, the speaker will introduce blog, instant message, social networking and internet bullying to participants. Participants will also be provided with some suggested ways to communicate with youngsters in the spectrum of information technology.
SEP 2010 19 SEP 2010 19 SEP 2010 Hong Kong Public Libraries and Internet Professional Association Subject Talks on "IT and You"- Safety in Mobile Network In the talk, speaker will share some tips on how to use the mobile network safely and how to protect personal data while using the network.
OCT 2010 6 OCT 2010 6 NOV 2010 HKCERT, OGCIO, Hong Kong Police Force Hong Kong Clean PC Day 2010 - Logo Design Contest The contest seeks to encourage participants’ creativity to design a logo embodying the aim of the Hong Kong Clean PC Day campaign. The campaign aims to raise public awareness of information security and to build up good habit of protecting their computers from cyber attacks.
NOV 2010 17 NOV 2010 18 NOV 2010 Keynote World Media Cloud Computing World Forum Asia This two day conference and free-to-attend exhibition will provide a focused platform for the global cloud and SaaS industry in Asia. Case studies on how they have integrated Cloud Computing and SaaS into their working practices, Learn from the key players offering cloud and SaaS products and services.
  16 NOV 2010 24 NOV 2010 ACFE, HKCERT, HKCS, HKPC, ISFS, ISACA, HTCIA, PISA Information Security Summit 2010 The theme of this year is "Cloud and Mobile Security in a Blurred Perimeter Environment".
  24 NOV 2010 24 NOV 2010 HKCERT, OGCIO, Hong Kong Police Force Hong Kong Clean PC Day 2010 - Public Seminar Hong Kong Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Centre (HKCERT), the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) and Hong Kong Police Force (HKPF) will organize the seminar on security of social networking and cloud computing. You are cordially invited to participate in the event.

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