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Information Security in Electronic Services

What are Electronic Services?

Electronic Services (e-Service) are the attainment and delivery of services through electronic media. E-commerce is also put under this category. It means using electronic communications to transact, without face to face meeting between the two parties of the transaction. Activities taken place in e-Service include:

  • registering for user identity, e.g. membership application
  • updating user information, e.g. new address
  • updating user status, e.g. credit card account balance
  • submitting application, e.g. credit card, driving licence
  • placing order / instruction, e.g. buying and selling of stocks and funds
  • doing payment transaction, e.g. credit card payment
  • searching for information, e.g. business matching
  • exchanging information, e.g. chatroom
  • receiving information and service, e.g. education program notes
  • making enquiry, e.g. shipping schedule
  • doing survey, etc...


Who are Involved?

  • Individuals, including consumers and citizens
  • Businesses, including public organisations
  • Government


How are they Involved?

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