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Secure Wireless Network

Wireless LANs are now quite popular and widespread in Hong Kong. Hotspots can be found in shopping malls, convenience stores, and public places. But if a wireless network is not properly deployed, users can be exposed to critical security flaws.

Using a public wireless network

If you are using public wireless network to access the Internet, you should know how to setup your computer properly, in particular you have to:

Secure your own wireless network

A mobile device can connect to your wireless network wherever it is within range of the signal strength from your wireless router. This also means that other people may be able to access your wireless network so personal data security is important.

  • Data tapping. Encrypt or password protect your own data when you are sending sensitive or personal information via the wireless network.

  • Unathorised wireless network access. Take measures to prevent unauthorised users or intruders from using your wireless network by:

    • establishing a list of computers which are allowed to use your wireless network. Wireless routers are usually able to establish a list of MAC addresses that can use the wireless network. A MAC address is a unique serial number of the wireless LAN card install in each computer. Computers with wireless cards that are not registered with your wireless router will not be able to use your signal, and/or

    • Use a secure password key for your wireless network. Other people cannot use your wireless network without knowing the key, and/or

    • Hide the Service Set Identifier (SSID) of your wireless network from being broadcast. All devices attempting to connect to a specific wireless network must use the same SSID. Other people cannot use your wireless network without knowing the SSID name.

Click here to learn more about securing your wireless network.

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