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What can you do if you receive a spam email?

If you receive any spam emails, you can:

  • Ignore and delete spam emails: this is the simplest and most effective way to handle spam emails. Never reply to spam emails;

  • Report the case to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) attaching the header of the spam email. Most ISPs have service terms that prohibit subscribers from using ISP services for spamming activities. Depending on the policy of your ISP, a spammer may be warned, have their service suspended or even terminated;

  • Report a any suspected contravention of the UEMO to Communications Authority (CA) if you suspect that there are professional spamming activities going on. If the spam emails contain suspected fraudulent or illegal information pretending to be sent from an identifiable organization such as a bank, you may also complain to the related organization; and

  • Consider discarding or shutting down your current email address and creating a new one if your email account becomes clogged with spam messages.

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