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e-World Smart Tips (Started from April 2010)

March 2011 Enterprise (I): Information Security Management
- Identify Information Assets to be Protected
- Conduct Risk Assessment
- Establish Security Policy
- Define Access Control Strategy
- Secure Office Network
- Establish Security Incident Handling Procedure
- Establish Disaster Recovery Plan
- Control and Audit Security Status
February 2011 Beware of Internet Fraud
- Beware of Online Auction
- Beware of "Fast Trade"
- Beware of Fake Site
- Frauds by using Visual Communication
- Frauds by using Social Networks
- Online Financial Fraud
- Faked email from Financial Sectors
- Beware of Group Shopping Traps
January 2011 How protection tools help you
- Install Antivirus Software
- Install Firewall
- Software Security Vulnerabilities
- Browser with Anti-phishing
- Beware of Search Result
- Software Security Settings
- Free Checking Tools
- Safe User Behaviour
December 2010 Precautions During Festival
- A Full Scale Computer Maintenance Over Holidays
- Beware of Virus Infection by Clicking Links Within e-cards
- Check Against Searching Result and not to Browse Suspicious Websites
- Set the Privacy Settings Properly in order not to Expose Your Whereabouts
- Beware of Participating into Activities Organised by Internet Friends
- Ask Before Making Friendship with Strangers
- Precautions During On-line Shopping
- Beware of Faults in e-auction
November 2010 Safe Online Social Networking
- Hong Kong Clean PC Day 2010 (1)
- Hong Kong Clean PC Day 2010 (2)
- Be Wary of the Links in Social Network
- Login Traps in Social Network
- Be Responsible for your Postings
- Be Wary of Apps in Social Networks
- Directory of Official Social Network Channel
- Establish Organsiational Policy on Social Network
October 2010 Protect Your Smartphones
- Basic Protection of Smartphones (1)
- Basic Protection of Smartphones (2)
- Beware of Using Public Wi-Fi Networks
- Risks of Jailbreaking
- Proper Installation of Applications in Smartphones
- Proper Access Control for Personal Information in Smartphones
- Data Destruction Before Sold or Disposal
- Protective Ways for Lost Smartphones
September 2010 Protect Your Newly Acquired Computer
- Don't Use Pirated Software
- Install Protection Software
- Set User Accounts’ Privilege
- Disable Unnecessary Services and Accessories
- Configure Web Browser Properly
- Beware of Installing Freeware
- Backup Data Regularly
- Beware of P2P Software
August 2010 Beware of Internet Traps during Summer Holiday
- Online Recruitment Trap - Personal Information
- Online Recruitment Trap - Part TimeTypist
- Online Recruitment - Multi Level MarketingTrap
- Online Recruitment - Sexual Trap
- Online Recruitment - Risk of Committingan Offence (1)
- Online Recruitment - Risk of Committingan Offence (2)
- Beware of Traps when Buying Second-handBooks
- Beware of Messages Scam
July 2010 e-shopping and Personal Data Protection
- Choose reliable e-shopping sites
- Understand terms of goods delivery
- Use Two-factor authentication services for online payment
- Use payment intermediary services for added protection
- Understand the goods description
- Understand the credibility of sellers
- Proper setting of Passwords
- Beware of suspicious emails
June 2010 Crisis on watching and downloading matches over Internet
- Using P2P software for watching World Cup over Internet (1)
- Using P2P software for watching World Cup over Internet (2)
- Using P2P to download matches
- Using mobiles for watching World Cup
- Using appliance or decoder for pirated viewing of World Cup
- Beware when checking World Cup information in public computers
- Beware when receiving World Cup information
- Preventive measures against computer attack
May 2010 Beware of making friends over Internet
- Social Networks Crisis
- Be Careful for Making Friend Requests from Strangers
- Be Careful for Meeting Requests (1)
- Be Careful for Meeting Requests (2)
- Privacy Leakages in Social Networks
- Frauds in Social Networks
- Proper Personal Privacy Settings
- Be Careful when Using Public Computers
April 2010 Considerations when using Internet resources for homework
- Verify the Sources of Information
- Beware of Using P2P Software for Getting Information
- Copyright Issues (1)
- Copyright Issues (2)
- Beware of Documents Exchange
- Configure Proper Rights when Using On-line Wordprocessors
- No Dishonest Acts
- Do Not Meet Any Stranger You know from Internet
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