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Three Smart Tips to Clean PC  


Tip 3: "Seal all Cracks"

Apply security patches regularly

From time to time, software bugs are discovered in applications running on your PC. Software vendors will then release one or more "patches" to fix the weaknesses. At the same time, hackers can take advantage of these weaknesses to attack the unpatched PCs.

You should always download and install the latest patches for your applications. Most software vendors will publish information about recently discovered vulnerabilities and corresponding patches on their websites. You should keep abreast of this information and patch your PC accordingly.

Enable the "Auto Update" feature

Some vendors have automatic updating mechanism built into their products, such as the Automatic Update feature for Microsoft Windows. By enabling the Automatic Update feature, security patches can be automatically downloaded and installed to your PC. For more information on how to enable the Automatic Update feature in Windows 7, refer to Microsoft website.

You can clean and protect your PC by following these three smart tips. Though there are other security measures you can take, these three golden rules are an excellent start for protecting your PC.

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