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Security Management  


Monitoring & Recording

With implementation and maintenance being carried out to provide a secure framework, there is also the need for constant monitoring and recording so that proper arrangements can be made when tackling a security incident.

In addition, day-to-day operations such as users' access attempts and activities while using a resource, or information, need to be properly monitored, audited, and logged as well: e.g. individual user ID needs to be included in audit logs to enforce individual responsibility. Each user should understand his responsibility when using company resources and be accountable for his actions.

Major activities include:

  • Maintaining a security incident handling and reporting procedure
  • Maintaining an audit trail for major business systems and critical applications
  • Maintaining an event history and error log for operating systems
  • Maintaining access records of visitors or guests enter your premises
  • Maintaining records to keep track of authorisation to access and undertake critical business activities
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